About Saltworks

The Redwood City Saltworks facility is a commercial salt production site. The facility was expanded through a 1940 federal permit. The 1940 permit allowed for the construction of a dam and creation of a perimeter levee system which permanently severed the site from the Bay for salt production.

In 2006, Cargill and DMB Pacific formed Saltworks to open and restore the century-old Redwood City salt-making facility as a national model for sustainable development, ecological restoration, and community benefit.

The partnership is focused on reconnecting the community to the San Francisco Bayfront through restoration, public and other uses, and open space to benefit generations to come. The location and scale (more than 1,400 acres, approximately two square miles) of the site are uniquely suited to address some of the most pressing challenges of our rapidly growing region, including transportation infrastructure, housing, employment, recreation, sea-level rise, and flood control.

Questions & Answers

Below are answers to some common questions.

Why here? Why now?

Only with the unique combination of scale and location provided by this site can we help develop and contribute to lasting solutions focused on: • Alleviating congestion • Wetland restoration • Sea-level rise protection • Flood protection • Economic recovery and sustainability • Greenhouse gas reduction • Regional connectivity

What are we asking?

We are asking for a broad and inclusive outreach process to inform our vision on possible outcomes and the opportunities – all of the opportunities – presented by this site.

What is a Jurisdictional Determination (JD)?

A jurisdictional determination (JD) defines the applicability of select federal laws to a given piece of land, without addressing determinations or approvals for any future use.

With the JD issued, what happens next?

With the cloud of federal legal ambiguity and uncertainty lifted, the stage will be set for those best suited – local and regional stakeholders, especially and most importantly the residents and elected officials of Redwood City – to participate in a broad and inclusive conversation to identify priorities to inform the ultimate vision for this unique site.

What is our plan?

Our plan is to engage with you. Together we can find the innovative way forward for our community. We are coming to the table with open minds and a desire to focus on shared solutions that benefit the community and the environment.